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23rd May 2018

Love Island ban smoking in new series

There will be no smoking onscreen this summer

Keeley Ryan

It was one of the most talked about things of last season.

If there was one reality show that had the nation hooked last year it was Love Island.

Yes, the show became one of the most reality shows of the year seeing record numbers of applicants hoping to gain a place on the dating show.

The reality TV summer series is due to return to the small screen shortly for its hotly anticipated fourth season.

love island sex rules

But it looks like there could be a change on the cards. According to The Sun, ITV are going to be making a big change when it comes to the amount the contestants smoke.

It’s been said that if any of the contestants want a cigarette, they will have to ask a producer to take them to a designated shelter – away from the villa. 

And while the area will still be filmed, the contestants will be in the shelter alone.

A television source told the publication: “Last year there were more viewer complaints about the amount of smoking than anything else.

“It did feel like someone had a fag in their hand constantly last series, so hopefully viewers will notice the difference.

“It will still be filmed, but as they’ll be alone, there won’t be as many gossipy moments as last year.”

According to The BBC, out of 46 Love Island complaints to Ofcom, 26 have been about smoking and the promotion of it.

Other complaints received were due to the “sexual material and promiscuity” of the show, and the use of bad language and violence.


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