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16th Apr 2018

This year’s Love Island will be the longest series ever, and take over your whole summer

Wil Jones

Get ready.

You pretend that you hate it, but secretly, you had the whole thing on series link. Last summer, ITV2’s Love Island took over the country like never before. Legions of people who’d normally turn their nose up at reality shows were engrossed in the attractive singletons milling around a villa in their swimwear.

We’ve slowly been getting more details about the 2018 series, but here’s some big news: this year’s Love Island is set to be the longest Love Island so far. Radio Times is reporting that the show will run for an incredible eight weeks this year – that’s seven days longer that last year, and a whole fortnight longer than the first two series.

They also say there will be “no drastic changes” to the design of the iconic villa, but it will get a bit of touch up.

Not long now.


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