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02nd Apr 2018

Coronation Street viewers noticed the same thing about Phelan as the inevitable happens

Had to happen, didn't it?


First up, apologies for the vagueness of that headline. We know how precious some of you lot get about your Coronation Street spoilers.

With that in mind, here’s the bit where we hit ‘bold’ and ‘caps lock’ to warn you that spoilers lie ahead. Hell, we’ll even chuck a few exclamation marks on the end, just to make it even more clear…


Still with us? Good.

Well, well, well. After waiting for an eternity for Corrie uber-bastard Pat Phelan to finally get bumped off, some of us naively thought Eileen had sent him to a watery grave on last Friday’s episode.

We say ‘some’, because plenty of other folk pointed out that the serial killer’s body had yet to be recovered – pretty much a giveaway that he wasn’t quite that dead. Not yet, at least.

The final scene of the second part of Monday night’s double header revealed that Phelan was indeed still in the land of the living, tucked up in bed and being brought a brew and a sewing kit – presumably to patch up his injuries – by a kind B&B owner.

Given that Phelan appeared to meet his end on Friday only to return three days later, many of those watching were quick to point out the similarities between another story involving a pretty remarkable resurrection that does the rounds at this time of year…

Perhaps, several murders conveniently overlooked, we all had Phelan wrong this whole time. Maybe – just maybe – he’s the second coming of Christ.