Cillian Murphy hints that there's even more seasons of Peaky Blinders to come 1 year ago

Cillian Murphy hints that there's even more seasons of Peaky Blinders to come

Even more Peaky Blinders? Yes, please!

In Peaky Blinders, trying to understand Tommy's plans and motives is like trying to catch smoke in your hand, but in real life, Cillian Murphy has always been very upfront about the idea of continuing on with the Shelby story.

As you may know, the show's creator, Steven Knight, has previously said that he was open to the idea of going beyond five seasons, but this appeared to be his limit."Never say never, but we feel that series five may be the last. We don't know for sure. Peaky is one of those things everybody loves, and the response has been so magnificent on both sides of the Atlantic.  I have got the end in my mind; whether that happens at the end of five is the question," he said.

The creator of Peaky Blinders has always imagined the show's arc to run between WWI and WWII, but Murphy and Knight haven't ruled out a sixth season or a film. In fact, they're happy to discuss it.

The Irish actor has always said that he's very interested to keep on playing the character of Tommy Shelby but there's one condition, the writing needs to remain consistent and strong.

In a previous interview with Esquire, the star of 28 Days Later and The Wind that Shakes the Barley openly discussed the idea of making a Peaky Blinders film. "I think Steve [Knight] has some ideas. You'd have to be careful, but I'd be curious to do it," said Murphy.

In another interview with Deadline, the actor spoke candidly about the idea of making a sixth season and a film: “Listen, you know Steve has so many ideas, he’s so inventive, I wouldn’t be surprised. For me, I’ve always said as long as the writing stays as good as it is, I’m around.”

Much like Tommy, the Corkman stuck to his principles during his most recent interview with Film School Rejects because he reiterated that stance.

When asked about the end of Peaky Blinders and the possibility of staying on for another season or film, Murphy had this to say:  "I think it will find it’s natural conclusion, and I think we’ve been very, very lucky that the show has, in my opinion, gotten better incrementally, which is very unusual. I feel like we’ve improved each year. You’d be a fool to walk away from writing this good. The other thing about it is that I only work for four months a year on this show, and then I have a year off, so I can go and do other things. So it’s kind of a dream gig because you can get to play other characters and explore other ideas and other concepts in between times. I trust in Steve Knight that creatively he will know when to bring it to its natural conclusion.”

With the show officially confirmed for another season, Murphy will be dusting off his flat cap yet again but it's clear that the filming schedule suits his lifestyle.

If Steven Knight continues to write scripts that are as good as Season 4, surely the Shelbys will be sticking around for a little while longer?

We'll drink to that.