Great news because Cillian Murphy would be 'curious' to make a Peaky Blinders film 3 years ago

Great news because Cillian Murphy would be 'curious' to make a Peaky Blinders film

The Peaky Blinders creator "has some ideas" for a film.

Steven Knight, creator of Peaky Blinders, has always been adamant that the show will end at the beginning of World War II.

While fans are eagerly waiting for the start of Season 4, it appears that the fifth season will be the final one for the Shelbys on the small screen.

"Never say never, but we feel that series five may be the last. We don't know for sure. Peaky is one of those things everybody loves, and the response has been so magnificent on both sides of the Atlantic.  I have got the end in my mind; whether that happens at the end of five is the question."

Knight has previously spoken about his vision for how we sees the TV show ending. "I want it to end when the first air raid siren sounds in Birmingham. It is a story of a family between two world wars. It begins in 1919 when they have just come back from the war and the family's journey is towards legitimacy and respectability and to leave their past behind. The big question of the whole series is this: Is that possible?"

Given the enormous popularity of the show around the world and the fame of its cast - Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Paddy Considine, Sam Neill and Adrien Brody have all featured in some major Hollywood blockbusters - the idea of a Peaky Blinders film isn't beyond the realms of possibility.

In fact, before making his Birmingham-set gangster epic, Knight was the screenwriter for Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things and Locke (he also directed that film), so he knows exactly what's required to make a great script for the big screen.

In an interview with Esquire, Cillian Murphy was asked about a potential Peaky Blinders film and the Irish actor was very open to the idea.

"I think Steve [Knight] has some ideas. You'd have to be careful, but I'd be curious to do it," he said.

By order of the Peaky Blinders, this needs to happen!