Brooke Vincent's cousin is also in Corrie and we had no idea 9 months ago

Brooke Vincent's cousin is also in Corrie and we had no idea

No way!

Coronation Street viewers will be familiar with Brooke Vincent, who's played Sophie Webster on the popular soap since 2004.

Although Sophie has been a character in the show since 1994, she was previously played by two other actresses before Brooke took on the role.

Fans of the Manchester-based soap will also know Ellie Leech, who joined the show in 2011 in the role of Faye Windass.

However, people may not be aware of the fact (we had no clue) that Brooke (25) and Ellie (16) are actually cousins.

As regular viewers will know, Sophie and Faye are quite close on the show and have acted opposite each other in some recent storylines.


The news was brought to our attention by OK Online and it's one connection we hadn't made before now.

Ellie was only nine when she joined Corrie and it's thought that her cousin has been on hand to offer advice throughout the years.

One of her major storylines was when her character Faye became pregnant and kept it a secret from her family. She has become a central character on the long-running soap since first appearing seven years ago.

So there you go, one celebrity fact that's completely new to us...