Brass Against singer who urinated on fan's face during gig breaks silence 8 months ago

Brass Against singer who urinated on fan's face during gig breaks silence

Sophia Urista has spoken out after her much-talked-about stunt

Sophia Urista, the Brass Against singer, who urinated on a man's face during a festival last week has finally spoken out about the incident.


Urista, 36, took to Instagram to apologise for the indecent public act which saw a police report filed against her, the band and the Florida-based festival, though no charges have yet been issued.


As you can see in the statement, she admits that while she has always "pushed the limits in music and on stage", she pushed "too far" on this particular occasion, apologising to those "hurt or offended" by the raucous rockstar moment.

Many were shocked to learn that the frontwoman had previously appeared on The Voice in the US back in 2016, being picked by judge Miley Cyrus at the time. It's fair to say this felt like a far cry away from her time on the family-friendly TV show.

The band themselves issued a statement following the uproar, assuring fans that the Brass Against singer simply got "carried away" and that this isn't the kind of thing they'll be seeing at one of their gigs again.

She went on to state: "I am not a shock artist. I always want to put the music first. I'm grateful to all of you for your continued love and support".


As reported at the time, Urista was heard telling the crowd that she needed to pee and after spotting a punter with a can stuck to his head, she invited him on stage and he accepted willingly. What came after may have been inappropriate to some and technically illegal - but the man in question was widely reported to have been over the moon - well, under in this case...

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