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18th Jul 2022

Baker creates ‘Free Gemma’ cake as Love Island fans fume over Luca’s ‘scary’ behaviour

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish have started ‘showing cracks’ after Movie Night

Love Island’s infamous ‘Movie Night’ didn’t fail to disappoint after making a return this weekend.

Clips from the Villa and Casa Amor were played back to islanders to much furore, with Dami and Indiyah’s blossoming relationship put to the test and Ekin-Su interrogated by Davide over what really happened under the sheets when they were apart.

In a clip titled ‘I Know What Ekin-Su Did Last Summer’, Davide was left fuming after discovering that Ekin-Su had shared a bed with former contestant George Tasker.

Reacting to the clip, the Italian branded the Turkish actress a “liar” before telling viewers in the beach hut: “She did something in Casa Amor with that boy, I don’t even care about his name… I don’t care if anything happened. The point is why do you have to lie again, Ekin-Su.”

Paige, who has been ‘getting to know’ new contestant Adam Collard, defended Ekin-Su, pointing out that Davide wants her to always be in the red with him so that he doesn’t have to take any accountability for his own actions.

Others on social media slammed his “toxic” reaction to the clip.

Elsewhere, Gemma and Luca’s relationship was put to the test after a conversation with fellow contestant Billy came to light.

A montage of clips showed Gemma enjoying a few mildly flirty moments with Billy and also showed her agreeing with Dami’s future prediction of her romance with Luca.

Dami claimed that Luca like Gemma more than she liked him and that she could possibly have her head turned as she’s still open.

“That was quite impressive, I don’t think you’re that far wrong,” Gemma told Dami.

A clip of her and Billy eating crisps saw her say to him: “Do you like how the beanbags have been placed?” referring to Luca who was sat on a beanbag in the garden watching them.

Luca was visibly fuming after watching the footage, saying: “If you wanna flirt, I’ll flirt, drop me a f*cking bombshell in here now!”

Some Love Island fans struggled to understand where Luca was coming from and took to Twitter to comment.

A baker also made a ‘Free Gemma’ cake after the episode, commenting: “Blink twice if you want us to fly your dad to put a stop to him babe”.

It’s not the first time Cate in the Kitchen has created sugary masterpieces to immortalise Love Island moments.

She recently posted a picture of her version of Nigella Lawson’s chocolate Guinness cake topped with cream cheese frosting and blue icing letters spelling out the words: “I licked her tit or whatever.”

The tasty treat references Andrew Le Page’s excruciating confession to Tasha Ghouri on the show.

Praising Michael Owen’s daughter in the wake of last night’s show, she said: “Gemma’s kept her head so well, I personally would have dashed this boy into the pool and stormed out the fire exit door.”

Cate added that the fact that Gemma is the one who’s come out of movie night in the most trouble is “exactly what’s wrong with society”, a point which is widely agreed on elsewhere on social media.

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