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25th Feb 2021

Anne Hegarty left shook by the “worst ever” final Chase

Cassie Stokes

“Never seen one quite so bad”

It’s hard enough to go on national TV, let alone take part in a quiz and get the worst score the series has ever seen. Even writing that felt harsh.

If you’ve had the telly on during the afternoon, you’ll know The Chase and you would most probably be familiar with the scary Chaser who takes on contestants in a general knowledge quiz everyday.

The Chaser is there to challenge the contestants and prevent them from walking away with a loads of cash. This week the contestants managed to get the lowest score in the history of the show.

Anne Hegarty was the Chaser in the hot seat for the episode which saw the team only get 7 answers in the final round of questions.

They were playing for a total of £14,000, and their hopes disappeared very quickly once Anne started to fire through her questions, catching up with them in 30 seconds and sending them home with nothing.

Anne was surprised at how low their score was, she told them after “You got some tricky ones there, and you let that affect your heads, and then you started getting ones wrong that you should’ve got right.”

Some viewers were on the team’s side with this one, taking to Twitter to show their support saying that their round was unfair, “contestants were given an impossibly hard set of questions while the chaser had the possibly the easiest set I’ve seen on the show.”

“My god the final chase q’s for the team were HARD, I got a few more than them but really not by much,” added another.

Some viewers were a little harder on the contestants tweeting: “That had to be the most embarrassing final I’ve ever seen in The Chase. Absolute car crash!!! Never seen one quite so bad!!!”

Another said “7 is one of the worst I’ve seen, I got 6 on my own”.