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06th Apr 2024

Andrew Scott tells people who are still watching Fleabag to ‘go outside and get some fresh air’

Ryan Price

The Irish actor delivered a frank message to fans of the show.

Andrew Scott has told fans who still watch Fleabag to “do something better with your life.”

The All Of Us Strangers star was speaking at the premiere of the new Netflix series Ripley, in which he plays the lead character.

When asked by a reporter from Entertainment Weekly if he had a message for Fleabag fans who still get emotional when they watch episodes from the series that aired it’s final episode five years ago, the 47-year-old actor didn’t hold back.

“Go out and get some fresh air! Stop crying in your room with the curtains closed,” he said.

“Do something with your life. It’s a great show, we all love it, but come on now!

“Pull yourself together. Open the curtains & go outside.”

Scott is best known by a certain contingency of fans for playing the iconic and much lusted-after character of the ‘hot priest’.

(Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

I think its safe to say that the above message was delivered in jest, and it looks as though thankfully a lot of people on TikTok chose to see the funny side of the actor’s chastisement.

One user wrote: “Joke’s on him I’m still crying over Sherlock.”

Another said: “This feels like a more dad like way of saying ‘it’ll pass’.”

One other commented: “Fine, fine. I’ll start crying with the curtains opened.”

The finale of the series aired on BBC five years ago to the day this coming Monday, and many are still obsessed with Scott’s clerical character and his inappropriate relationship with Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s protagonist.

The Oscar-nominated actor’s new series Ripley, which is now available to stream on Netflix, is based on Patricia Highsmith’s bestselling crime novel The Talented Mr Ripley, which was made into a film in 1999 and starred Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The eight-episode series sees Andrew Scott star as the titular Tom Ripley, a grifter scraping by in early 1960s New York who is hired by a wealthy man to travel to Italy to try to convince his vagabond son to return home. His acceptance of the job is the first step into a complex life of deceit, fraud and murder.

Reacting to the series on social media, one person labelled it the “best TV I’ve seen in a long time,” adding that Scott will “be getting every gong going.”

Another said: “I’m having a big cuppa tea and watching the first episode of #Ripley on Netflix and I’m here to tell you that it and Andrew Scott are both astonishingly beautiful & strange & deeply unsettling & you should watch it.”

In a five-star review, the Guardian said the series surpassed Matt Damon’s 1999 film version “largely thanks to Scott, who is just mesmerising.”

BBC Culture also handed Ripley a five-star rating, saying: “The great Andrew Scott brings a hum of sinister energy to the role of Tom Ripley, in a psychological thriller full of suspense from the start.”

Meanwhile, Collider said Ripley is a “near-perfect series” thanks to its “ensemble cast, stellar cinematography, and adept direction.” The publication added that the show is “easily one of the best shows Netflix has ever done.”

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