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22nd Mar 2018

An EastEnders legend is returning to the show after fans begged for them to come back

James Dawson

It makes a lot of sense given recent storylines.

So, Kat Slater has already come back to Walford and now we have news that Alfie is about to make his return too.

He is due to start filming within two weeks, although sadly, it won’t be a long-term stay on the show.

The character had been feared dead, as he was seen having surgery to remove a  brain tumour, but he appears he has made a recovery.

A source told The Sun : “With Kat’s comeback the writers knew viewers would ask when Alfie would be back too, so they’ve managed to convince Shane to return.

“It won’t be long-term but he’ll play a role in a number of storylines in the coming months.”

The move means actor Shane Richie will be reunited with on-screen wife Jessie Wallace.

Speaking about the show and the characters relationship, Jessie recently said: “It’s always been Kat and Alfie, he’s like my brother and we bounce off each other really well so I do miss him.”

The return comes after fans begged for him to return via social media.