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15th Jul 2022

Akon used to use his brother as a body double before social media, says T-Pain

Charlie Herbert

T-Pain says Akon uses body double for social media

‘Bu would get on that stage and say he was Akon and lipsync the lyrics’

T-Pain has sensationally claimed that Akon would often use his brother as a body-double on stage whilst he was performing somewhere else.

The rapper was talking to DJ Akademiks on his Twitch channel when he made the claim, explaining how before the age of social media no one would be able to check whether it was actually Akon on stage or not.

He said that the ‘Lonely’ singer’s brother, Bu, would perform on stage whilst lip syncing the lyrics to Akon’s songs.

T-Pain told the stream: “Bu would get on that stage and say he was Akon and lipsync the motherf***ing lyrics as much as he could. And they would pay for that s**t everytime.”

The rapper then told Akademiks to get pictures of Akon and his brother up, asking: “Would you not think that was Akon in 2006?”

T-Pain claimed Akon (pictured) would use his brother as a body-double at shows whilst he was performing ‘overseas’ (Getty)

T-Pain claimed that this was around the time that Akon released his hit single ‘Locked Up.’

He explained: “So Bu would go on stage, Akon would be f***ing overseas somewhere, getting the same amount of money at the same motherf***ing time.”

Realising that this was before the days of social media and the “internet era,” Akademiks said that people “wouldn’t connect the same date”, with T-Pain adding: “You couldn’t check! There’s no way to check!”

Warning: the following clip contains language some may find offensive or discriminatory

Akademiks later tweeted to his 1.3m followers that the stream was “one of the most lit” of the year.

And clearly, T-Pain isn’t retracting his claims, responding with the following tweet.

It wasn’t the only bold claim the rapper made in the stream. He also suggested that if Tupac Shakur were still alive today, he would have been “ate up” by other rappers.

2Pac was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

But T-Pain said that if he were still alive in today, he “would’ve gotten his ass ate the f**k up lyrically,” adding: “lyricism wise, ’Pac would’ve got ridiculously murdered.”

When Akademiks argued against this, T-Pain explained that the rapper was only deemed a “crazy lyricist” because nobody else had a platform at the time.

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