A second Simpsons movie and a Family Guy movie are both in development 2 years ago

A second Simpsons movie and a Family Guy movie are both in development

Can they possibly top 'Man getting hit by football'?

The decline of The Simpsons is one of the great tragedies of the early 21st century. However, one of the few moments where the show came close to hitting the heights of its golden era was 2007’s The Simpsons Movie. Many of the show’s greatest writers and animators came back to produce an adventure worthy of the big screen.

In the decade-plus since its release, there have been rumours of a sequel, but nothing concrete. Showrunners Al Jean and David Mirkin said that the 2015 episode’ The Man Who Came to Be Dinner’, where the family get kidnapped by Kodos and Kang, was considered to be adapted into a theatrical sequel, but ultimately was just a regular episode.

However, it has been revealed that a second movie is in development. 20th Century Fox looks to be taken over by Disney, and a Wall Street Journal article on the takeover revealed that a second Springfield big-screen adventure is in the works.

That wasn’t the only detail to come out though. The article also revealed that everyone’s favourite Simpsons rip-off, Family Guy, is also scheduled to get the big screen treatment. In 2005, the 88 minute special Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story was released on DVD – but that was ultimately just three regular episodes designed to be split up for TV syndication.

No details on either movie was given in the article – but all we can hope is that it not a crossover between the two of them. Because that episode of Family Guy, ‘The Simpsons Guy’, was not good.

Oh, and for the record, American Dad is loads better than Family Guy.