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18th May 2021

Woman goes viral after saying she won’t leave the house as she stands in town centre

Danny Jones

Woman says she 'won't even leave the house' while out in Bolton town centre

Who’s gonna tell her?

Lockdown has got to a lot of us over the past year, so we can forgive the odd brain fart here and there – most of the time we could barely tell what day it was. That being said, one woman came out with an absolute corker in a recent interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

In the clip that was serially reposted on social media and has since gone viral, two women were stopped in the street and asked about their concerns over coming out of lockdown, to which one woman said “I won’t even leave the house”. Hold on…

Of course, in true Twitter fashion, everyone immediately saw the funny side and rather than pointing out the obvious contradiction, most people set about crafting the best replies possible.

All the quips were out: “Nice house though”, “it’s hardly her f***ing back yard though, is it?”, however, this one-two punch combination takes the gold, hands down:

Bless her, we knew what she meant: obviously, we can’t stay inside all the time and she might have been out getting the week’s essentials or something, but it’s still worth a customary exhale out of the nose at the very least.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect is that this talking head was filmed in Bolton, where coronavirus cases are still at concerning levels. The GMB cameras went there to ask locals about the ongoing situation and how news of the Indian variant has affected people’s dispositions.

When they set out to get a viral quote, ironically, this is probably the exact kind of answer they were looking for.