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28th May 2020

Why isn’t Dominic Cummings trending on Twitter? Here’s why

Matt Sayward


Who or what is #DominicCummnings?

There is likely not a single name being uttered or written more right now than that of Dominic Cummings.

Ever since the prime minister’s most senior advisor decided to break lockdown rules on two occasions, he has been the talk of the town. Night after night, current affairs broadcasts are taken up with stories about him, while he continues to dominate newspaper coverage.

Bearing this in mind, you would expect Cummings to be trending on social media, but he is not. When you try and create a hashtag featuring his name on Twitter, it fails to autocomplete.

So what’s going on? The more conspiratorial among us may immediately assume that big Jack Dorsey is in the pocket of Big Dom, but the truth is actually a lot less shady, and a little funnier.