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04th Apr 2020

The UK government is not providing the NHS with adequate PPE

Oli Dugmore

Clap for our NHS heroes

This is a message that has been extolled to us over the past fortnight, urging the British people to show their appreciation to those working in the National Health Service on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

For the past two Thursdays, we have gone to our front doors at 8pm and applauded and cheered for those risking their lives day-in, day-out to protect us. The prime minister himself, Boris Johnson, has joined in the chorus of applause.

But if he truly appreciates the dangerous and mammoth task being undertaken by our health service, why doesn’t he provide them with the protective equipment required to keep them safe?

The personal protective equipment (PPE) provided to our medical workers does not meet requirements, and doctors say they are like “lambs to the slaughter” when treating Coronavirus patients.