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03rd Apr 2020

How to make your own pizza with friends via Skype


Sometimes a pizza is the only thing that will do

Due to the lockdown we’re currently living through, the simple and barely considered joy of going out for something to eat with friends is off the table, if you will.

Restaurants are for the most part closed – bar certain ones still doing takeaway – meaning that many of us are forced with little option but to try and recreate our favourite meals at home.

Whether it’s a Big Mac or anything else, you can generally make your favourite foods at home to quite a good standard, especially if you have a good friend close at hand.

With this is mind, JOE’s very own Aurore decided to Skype her friend Fab in Italy to talk her through making a pizza from her London kitchen. The pizza even got the seal of approval from Fab’s father. What more could you ask?