Nonce Finance responds to ridicule after internet roasts their name 1 year ago

Nonce Finance responds to ridicule after internet roasts their name

Always do your research

We're sure you didn't miss the best meme of yesterday and perhaps one of the top five in 2021 so far, but in case you did, there's a genuine crypto company called Nonce Finance. Nonce...


The company itself deals in NFTs - that's non-fungible tokens, which essentially act as a digital certificate that is proof that someone owns a piece of online media, such as a video or social media post.

They're a slightly strange form of asset, we admit, but they have exploded into popularity this year, with one bloke paying $2.9 million for Jack Dorsey's (founder of Twitter) first-ever tweet.

Understandably, Twitter were all over it, pointing what is the very obvious fact to us - though apparently not to Americans - that nonce means paedophile in the UK. The boardroom who came up with that name must have had quite the shock when they went to check their phones and saw this lot.


They were pretty steadfast stuff for a while there.

If this wasn't the first thing you thought of then you're lying.


Good reference-wang.


They've had a mare and all.

The response

However, we've got to give it to them: once the internet took hold and the meme started to gain traction, it was pretty impossible for them to ignore and they rightfully took their lumps and embraced the ridicule. They ultimately decided to chip in themselves, seizing the format of the moment to do so, as well as including an explanation of why they chose that name.

Fair play: it may be a genuine cryptocurrency term but there's that doesn't stop it from being a horrendous gaffe of epic proportions. Nevertheless, at least they've been good sports about it; on the other hand, we still don't know whether they'll be going ahead with the names - they have indicated they'll be changing it as yet.


We'd say back to the drawing board with his one, lads.