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20th Apr 2021

Aldi take stand on ‘caterpillar cruelty’ with limited edition charity Cuthbert cake

Danny Jones

The admin for Aldi UK’s Twitter account is blossoming into a beautiful butterfly

Supermarket beef might be one of the funniest kinds of arguments you’ll find anywhere on this earth, simply because it can get so ridiculous that they genuinely argue over caterpillar cakes.

Last week, after M&S took legal action against Aldi for their version of ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ cake, Cuthbert, social media came to the German company’s defence, citing that virtually every shop stocks their own equivalent of this iconic British birthday cake.

Since then, Aldi’s official UK Twitter account has been on a mission to attack the problem from every angle, each one funnier than the last. We hope whoever the admin is gets a pay rise – they deserve it.

We can’t share every single post, obviously (we’d be here for days otherwise), but here are some of ‘Cuthbert’s Best Bits’. But please, don’t stop with just these tweets: it’s gold, pure, silly, wholesome gold.

Alright, seriously now, we’ll stop. Regardless of this court case, the only thing that seems to have picked up any real traction is the #FreeCuthbert trend. Not only have people jumped on board with defending the product but even other companies like Buzzfeed and Brewdog have seen the funny side and come out in support.

Turns out, Aldi’s Twitter has always been a bit of a goldmine and whoever runs it isn’t afraid to give the people a bit of personality. Moreover, they’ve surely given us a mic-drop moment with their two most recent tweets:

So we might have been lying about that being the last one, but we think this is a wonderful way to a comical and corporate clamour into a genuinely worthwhile charitable cause.