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09th Mar 2017

We’re hiring – JOE is looking for exciting new talent… have you got what it takes?


Come and join JOE…

Want to be part of something incredible? We’re on the look-out for exceptional talent.

Digital publishing has changed the way we consume media and it’s about to be disrupted with the announcement of 10 exciting new roles at JOE Media.

Due to extensive growth, a number of new career opportunities have arisen at JOE, as we search for Multimedia Journalists, Social Content Innovators, Digital Producers and Client Solutions.

As part of this expansion, JOE Media will be adding to the extremely successful #FFL, our football-focused Facebook Live broadcast every Friday, with the creation and management of a suite of new live production formats.

Who we’re after –

We are looking to hire a team of digital producers with varying levels of industry experience (minimum 3 years) to join our growing audio/visual production wing. If you’re someone in the field of radio or television production these roles will be of particular interest.


Digital Producer x4* – We want creative individuals experienced in video production, with a pro-active approach to content creation and understanding of social news.


Sports Producer – The ideal candidate will have a minimum of five years experience in sports production, a full understanding of creative and technical aspects of both live and non-live environments.

Comedy Producer – The ideal candidate will have a proven record of leading and driving creativity to conceive compelling comedy formats. They will have the ability to work as part of a fast-paced organisation, demonstrating initiative and solving problems independently.

*These roles are not specifically London based.


Account Manager – The investment in this department is to maximise the content creation potential of JOE’s purpose built, in-house studio at our London HQ, and the formalisation of existing client offerings. We will need someone to manage this, cue our new Account Manager. The ideal candidate will be a results-driven individual with at least two years’ experience and a proven track record in dealing with clients.


Editorial Manager – This candidate will be experienced in the execution of large projects with excellent communication and organisational skills. Have an ability to coordinate a large team and oversee all editorial output.


Social Editor – To support the growth of our audiences, we are seeking a data-driven, creative mind to join the team. JOE’s Social Editor will create, implement and monitor strategies across all platforms, highlighting optimisation opportunities, structure targeting and other facets of paid social advertising in compliance with campaigns.


3x Multimedia Journalists – When we’re not making viral head-swap parody videos, we’re producing standout written pieces that garner thousands of shares. This is all down to our incredible team comprised of journalists and digital natives who have a nose for viral stories and an insatiable appetite for numbers. These writers specialise in the areas of Sport, News, Entertainment and Lifestyle, creating and sharing some of the most engaging content in the sphere. We are on the lookout for more talented writers with an appetite for innovation to join us. The ideal candidates will possess two years digital writing experience, have an innate understanding of how social media works and how best to utilise it.


Any of the above sound like you? Please click here for more job details on all of the roles, and get in touch at


JOE Media

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