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01st Feb 2018

Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage having a rap battle is the funniest thing you’ll see all day

Kyle Picknell

They have some serious bars.

In a TV moment that feels more like a fever dream, Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman have gone head to head in a rap-battle over some Doritos and Mountain Dew. The brand spanking new Super Bowl ad also features cameos from Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes.

The Game of Thrones star lip-syncs his way through Busta’s feature in Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’. The rapper himself appears in the ad as a trapped soul in a portrait, as if Harry Potter had a Hip-Hop hype man guarding his Gryffindor common room rather than the ‘Fat Lady’.

Freeman responds in a way only ‘God’ can – with a hybrid of two of the verses from Missy’s iconic ‘Get Your Freak On’, with Missy herself bouncing along to the track as an ice sculpture.

There is only one winner though, and it is Dinklage, who you can imagine doing this sort of thing in his spare time – mouthing along to some DMX or Ice Cube in front of the mirror whilst he’s putting his socks on in the morning.

Morgan seems a bit stiff in comparison – I guess the man with the most velvety-smooth voice in Hollywood just isn’t used to being told to do things silently.