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28th Jun 2023

Self-serve taps from Drink Command now available at the Oval

Charlie Herbert

Self-serve bar at the Oval

Choose your drink, pour it, and pay, all in half a minute

Self-serve taps have arrived at the famous Kia Oval, thanks to Drink Command, the global leader in self-serve beverage technology.

It’s one of the great fears when you’re watching live sport, that the moment you get up to buy a drink you’ll miss a key bit of action on the field.

But now, you can choose your drink, pour it and pay, all in under 30 seconds, making sure that you miss as little of the action as possible.

Cricket fans will be able to operate self-serve beer and cocktail taps using Drink Command’s systems at the Kia Oval.

(Drink Command)

By choosing their beverage, pouring it themselves, and paying seamlessly, the whole interaction takes under 30 seconds, meaning you’ve got a cold pint in your hand quicker, and less chance of missing a crucial boundary or wicket.

Drink Command’s simple touchscreen system allows guests to pull a crisp pint or a sophisticated cocktail in seconds and get back to the action. 

Drink Command has seen great success across several sporting venues in the UK, including Villa Park, Twickenham, Cheltenham, and The Ageas Bowl, along with a variety of hotels and sports bars in London.

And cricket-lovers at the Oval, one of the sport’s most famous venues, can now enjoy the same experience and select from a variety of beers.

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