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06th Jun 2021

Anonymous threatens to target Elon Musk

Danny Jones

Anonymous target Elon Musk

The online ‘hacktivists’ have threatened to target Musk over his manipulation of Bitcoin value and general ‘disregard for the average working person’

It’s been a while since we’ve seen that familiar Guy Fawkes mask pop up but you always know that Anonymous are carrying out their usual ‘hackitvism’ and working on something in the background. It would seem their newest project is Elon Musk.

In a video posted online (which has subsequently been reshared on YouTube and social media), Anonymous has announced that their latest target is billionaire business magnate and living meme, Elon Musk. You can’t help but think this is exactly the sort of thing he lives for and is probably more chuffed about it than anyone else is. You can see the full thing down below:

As you can see in the video, they call out Musk for having enjoyed one of the most “favourable reputations in the billionaire class” by simply tapping into human curiosity and desire for things like electric self-driving cars and space exploration, stating that his “carefully created public image is now being exposed”.

They label him a “narcissistic rich dude” whose quest to “save the world is more rooted in superiority and saviour complex” than any actual altruistic motive.

The video goes on to show a montage of headlines revealing how his employees have been overworked, subjected to “intolerable conditions” for years, and how he has threatened and exploited local areas overseas to mine the lithium needed for his Teslas – destroying the environment in the process.

The focus then switches to his “sh*tposting and trolling” on social media and the disparity between the public image and the reality of who Elon Musk is. They go on to expose Tesla for making most of their money through government subsidies and parading as the founder of Tesla, despite simply having bought the company from “two people much more intelligent” than him.

Investigation into his finances seems to be a central aspect of their sleuthing as they also go on to state how profit statements were manipulated by Musk and his company simply holding Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency he single-handedly depreciated by just mentioning its name on SNL.

Things get really crazy when they display a headline that links Musk to an emerald mine in Zambia, stating he doesn’t know any struggle as he was “born into the stolen wealth a South African apartheid emerald mine”. Big yikes.

They end the video address, as always, with the following sign-off: “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. Expect us”.

It doesn’t matter how few and far between their secretive messages suddenly become public, it always catches your attention. Musk is the second richest man in the world and one of far too many who actually made more money during the pandemic. If Anonymous want to go after a billionaire, by all means – we’ll happily sit and grab the popcorn.