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20th Jun 2018

Lord Sugar accused of racism after tweet about Senegal team

Sugar has since deleted the tweet

Simon Lloyd

Lord Sugar has been accused of racism after sharing an edited image of the Senegal football team on Twitter

Alan Sugar has tweeted an image of Senegal’s players posing for a team photo ahead of a match. The photo has been edited to make it appear that the players were standing behind some sunglasses and handbags.

“I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella,” his tweet read. “Multi tasking resourceful chaps.”


Understandably, many of those to see the tweet were unimpressed, with a number of users accusing him of racism.

The tweet remained on Sugar’s timeline for over 15 minutes – before it was then deleted.

Posting a response after the image had been removed he also appeared to be unaware as to why so many people found it offensive.

Lord Sugar then explained that he had believed the tweet to be funny and that he had taken it down because people had asked him to remove it.