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07th Jul 2018

Danny Dyer and Eastenders cast sing “Three Lions” ahead of World Cup quarter-final

Albert Square has World Cup fever

Wayne Farry

Albert Square believes football is coming home

Football hysteria is slowly but surely taking over the country. You cannot walk down the street without hearing the feint but unmistakable murmur of “It’s coming home” emanating from every building in sight.

Whether you’re at home, in a park, at work, in a restaurant or a bar, it’s there, always being sung by someone. Even if you can’t hear it yet, you soon will, at some point throughout the day.

Such is the level of love for Gareth Southgate’s team that literally everyone is in on the act. Your grandparents, your children, your postman, your newsagent, your Uber driver and, now the cast of Eastenders.

In a video posted by BBC Match of the Day on Twitter, a number of cast members are seen singing the song, with Danny Dyer front and centre.

Will this rendition of “Three Lions” be enough to push England on to victory over Sweden? Only time will tell.