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19th Jun 2018

Cesc Fabregas trolls Thibaut Courtois beautifully after Belgium World Cup victory

Absolutely savage from Cesc Fabregas

Wayne Farry

At least he saw the funny side of it

Cesc Fabregas is known as a smooth operator. He is obviously a very handsome man with a lovely five o’clock shadow and displays the sort of cool temperament on the pitch which simply exudes confidence and reassurance.

It would, due to recent events, that his smoothness extends far beyond the pitch, if his comment on a photo by Chelsea teammate Thibaut Courtois is anything to go by.

Courtois took to Instagram shortly after Belgium’s 3-0 victory over Panama in the World Cup to celebrate the win, saying:

“First game, first win!  3-0  #1

The post, which seemed innocuous, was quickly seized upon by Fabregas, who shot back with an absolutely devastating response of:

“It’s about time you closed your legs. “

The comment in question refers to Chelsea’s Champions League knockout tie against Barcelona, a game in which Courtois conceded a goal through his legs, not once, but twice.

To be fair, both goals were scored by Lionel Messi, but Courtois still received an enormous amount of grief for it.

On the plus side, the Belgian appeared to take Fabregas’ jibe in good spirits, as he replied with a simple and fairly curt: