Arsenal fan creates petition urging club to sign Wilfried Zaha 1 year ago

Arsenal fan creates petition urging club to sign Wilfried Zaha

Extremely normal behaviour...

Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha is likely to leave the club this summer six years after returning to his boyhood club. With the Eagles looking increasingly like they've gone as far as they can with their current squad, the conventional wisdom is that the time is now right for Zaha to try his hand at a top club again.


Where will he go though? Well, step in Arsenal Football Club. In recent weeks, the links between Arsenal and Zaha have intensified, and such speculation was only heightened after Zaha appeared in a video in which he pointed to a sign saying 'Zaha to Arsenal'. Yep, looks fairly clear to us.

As you'd expect, Arsenal fans have responded to these links in an extremely calm manner. Just kidding, of course they haven't. Now, Gunners fans are a broad church, but collectively they love nothing more than overreacting to everything.

And that's exactly what one fan has done, by creating a petition demanding that the club sign Zaha.


Created by Kane Burton, the petition's text reads as follows: "The fact Arsenal haven’t clinch this signing considering his market value has dropped and Arsenal can get him for under 40mill is unreal. Make this happen Arsenal."

Arsenal fans have a history of coming together and creating and signing petitions to change the club's mind about matters. Sometimes it's for worthwhile causes, such as urging the owner Stan Kroenke to run the club in a manner befitting a side which should be competing for the Premier League.

Others, like a petition to stop Mike Dean from refereeing the North London derby, are purely nonsensical. That one didn't succeed in reaching the highest levels of politics in our land. Will their latest one? No. Probably not. But it is funny, and that's the most important thing in these turbulent and difficult times.