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06th Mar 2017

Thomas Muller’s reaction to Mats Hummels’ misfortune was just plain obnoxious

He's having one of THOSE Mondays

Ben Kiely

Any Arsenal fans looking for an omen that the daunting fixture against Bayern Munich will go well need look no further.

Listen up, Gunners, there’s some good news for you amid all this despair.

Mats Hummels is having one of THOSE Mondays.

You know the ones we’re talking about. Those days where you’ve somehow managed to get up on the wrong side on the bed, despite the fact that most beds only have one side you can actually sleep on.

One of those days where nothing seems to go right, even that ‘right turn only’ junction on your morning commute to work.

Hummels is having one of those days where you make an absolute tit out of yourself in front a large group of people. By ‘large group of people’ we are of course referring to the hordes of football fans on the internet who have seen the German defender mess up his suit in the cruel video sent out by Bayern Munich’s official Twitter account.

He sheepishly trundled over to the bus with his trousers sopping wet, but was sent back into the team hotel to clean himself up. If he was anywhere near a window, he would have heard a fitting soundtrack to his misfortune – a cackling howl from one Thomas Muller.

And then an encore.

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