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29th Apr 2017

Vitali Klitschko did his level best to intimidate Anthony Joshua as he got his hands wrapped

'AJ' looked unfazed

Darragh Murphy

Vitali Klitschko cut an imposing figure as Anthony Joshua’s hands were wrapped ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

It’s not often that a specimen like the older Klitschko brother is nominated to check hand wraps but it was perhaps one final attempt to get into Joshua’s head from the Ukrainian’s camp.

As the sun went down over Wembley Stadium, ‘AJ’ allowed Vitali in to make sure that there was nothing nefarious going on in the wrapping process.

You may remember that, in 2015, Klitschko fell victim to some last-minute mind games from Tyson Fury’s team as they threatened to call of the heavyweight showdown in Dusseldorf after disputing the legitimacy of Klitschko’s wraps.

But it was Klitschko who was accused of some late mental warfare this weekend as fight fans watching felt they knew just what Wladimir was up to in sending Vitali in to make sure there was no funny business at play.