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20th Feb 2017

Viewers noticed something very rude looking during the Ninja Warrior Final

Once you see it, you can't unsee it...


You’ve got to love Ninja Warrior UK.

Not since the much-loved and greatly missed Gladiators (and possibly the Krypton Factor for even older readers) has physical exertion married so perfectly with prime-time entertainment.

There’s something about watching finely-tuned athletes pushing themselves to the very limit whilst you stuff your face with Pringles at home that makes it perfect Saturday night fare.

Over the weekend, Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara presented the grand finale of this year’s series with immense competitor Jonny Urszuly being crowned the ‘last man standing’ for 2017.

Except poor Jonny’s epic achievements in bettering the cream of the fitness endurance crop in the UK was somewhat overshadowed by a very rude looking detail that many viewers noticed during the dramatic episode.

A graphic flashed up to announce the dramatic ‘Final Stage’ to proceedings on Saturday night, except due to the internationally used font that the Ninja Warrior franchise use the world over, it looked very much like a very different kind of endurance event…