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31st Oct 2015

Conor McGregor wasn’t lying when he said he fought with Game of Thrones star (Video)

Flow sparring


Conor McGregor is, more often than not, the bigger man in the octagon.

The Notorious is used to holding a height and striking advantage over his opponents, but he definitely played the “David” role when the Goliath known as Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson visited SBG this week.

The UFC interim featherweight champion posted a picture of himself alongside “The Mountain” from HBO’s Game of Thrones on Friday but we thought they were perhaps just posing, not believing that anybody would let them spar with one another.

McGregor fights at 145 lbs and is known to walk around at about 170 lbs so he’s just a bit outsized by the 6 ft 9 in, 400 lbs Björnsson.

And McGregor proved that the pair actually did do a bit of flow sparring on Friday evening when this video emerged online.

The Dubliner continued to land his left straight to the body of the Icelandic weightlifter and actor while Björnsson plodded forward in search of the front headlock.

All in all, we saw it 10-9 to McGregor.