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11th Dec 2015

VIDEO: Conor McGregor at his most laid-back in final interview before UFC 194

At peace

Darragh Murphy

If The Notorious is feeling the pressure, he definitely isn’t showing it.

Two days before UFC 194, and a date with MMA destiny, Conor McGregor sat down for a chat with Megan Olivi.

Olivi was the first person to interview the Dubliner after his interim title win at UFC 189. This time, with the unification bout with Jose Aldo looming, she was granted another audience.

McGregor was in a relaxed mood. So laid-back he was almost horizontal. He spoke about how he would defend belts in both the featherweight and lightweight divisions and predicted Aldo’s impending retirement.

The interview turned to lighter matters as McGregor spoke about how his old classmates would react to his UFC success:

“I was just a normal kid [in school]. A happy-go-lucky kid… I was a bit of a class clown but a little bit of everything.

“I don’t know what they’d think of me now… I’m sure they’d be surprised at how it all came about.”

He also chatted music and his love of recent tracks for Justin Bieber and Adele.

“There are many different types of music that play in my gym. That new song from Adele is pretty good. Justin Bieber has a good song. I enjoy music; all forms.”