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15th Jun 2017

Usain Bolt will feature in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Get him on the wing pronto

Darragh Berry

“Lightning bolt, catch him if you can.”

Anyone who had Pro Evolution Soccer 4, 5 and 6 will know about the sheer brilliance of Brazilian striker, Adriano. His pace, shot power, his strength, he had it all and if you had him on your team, you could be guaranteed the win.

It didn’t matter whether you were playing in the Master Leagues or Konami Cup against the likes of Merseyside Red, Man Red or London FC, (those names bring back some memories) they wouldn’t hold a candle to Adriano and Inter Milan.

It was said at the time that Konami executive Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka’s had a soft spot for the player and Inter Milan and that led to him being such a power house in the game.

Sadly, since then we haven’t seen a player take the game by storm in a similar fashion to the way the Brazilian did. That is until 2018 and the introduction of Usain Bolt.

The fastest man on the planet is coming to the new edition of Pro Evolution Soccer as a pre-order bonus.

One thing for sure, you can guarantee that his speed, explosive power and stamina will all be in the high 90’s which would see him make an ideal winger.

However, the world’s fastest man dons the number nine shirt in the game, meaning he could play as a forward in the game.

In the YouTube clip, he is spotted firing into the back of the net adding to speculation that he could be a man that could get you 20 goals in a season.

Clip via officialpes

Some fans were ecstatic to see the inclusion of the runner on the new game while others weren’t so convinced about the move and thought it was irrelevant.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 and Usain Bolt are ready for pre-order now.

Clip via officialpes