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18th Nov 2015

Two wonderful examples of Jonah Lomu’s superb athletic skill and his decency as a man

Never forgotten


Jonah Lomu was an absolutely incredible player who was arguably the first man to become a global superstar in the professional era of rugby.

Who can forget his epic performance in the ’95 World Cup in South Africa? That try in the corner against England will always be one of the most jaw-dropping moments in sport because you got a glimpse of the phenomenal skill, athleticism and desire that personified the All Blacks’s legend.

Dan Carter is just one of the many people to have paid tribute to one of the all-time rugby greats but it seems like Lomu was destined to be a sporting icon, regardless of the sport.

This record of Lomu’s athletic performance from 1989 demonstrates what an incredibly gifted athlete he was across a variety of different sports.

You may know that the All-Blacks legend had suffered with a rare kidney disease known as nephrotic syndrome since hanging up his boots in 2002. Since then he has become an ambassador for various charities, organisations and causes.

It’s testament to his generosity, decency and kindness that he was still thinking of other people, right up to his incredibly sad passing. This tweet is a timely indicator of what an extremely nice man he was.