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21st Feb 2017

Two viral fan tweets that perfectly sum up ridiculous Arsenal vs Sutton occasion

It was just one of those games

Ben Kiely

Magic of the cup?

The FA Cup fight round clash between Arsenal and Sutton United was just plain weird. Considering the David vs Goliath battle took place on a Monday night that was largely uneventful in terms of sport, this was always likely to be the case.

After watching Lincoln City upset Burnley at the weekend, there was also the hope of another Cup fairytale. Unfortunately for anyone who doesn’t support the Gunners, the Premier League side didn’t falter against their non-league counterparts on this occasion as Arsenal ran out 2-0 winners against a spirited Sutton.

The venue was a big talking point when the two sides drew each other. Arsenal fans were used to seeing their side play in the glamorous Emirates stadium, with its swanky press boxes and its La Dee Dah capacity of 60,000.

Sutton’s home ground, the brilliantly named Gander Green Lane, is a little more modest than the behemoth London stadium.

Obviously, the tiny stadium presented a real problem for Arsenal fans who wanted to see the game live. There simply wasn’t enough room for all of them.

However, one savvy supporter who missed out on a ticket, didn’t let that stop him from seeing his beloved club. He had to innovate to catch a glimpse at the game.

Then there was the moment where the game got held up for a few minutes when a fan invaded the pitch donning a rubber Giraffe mask, a pair of red boxers and well… not much else. The get-up was a semi-naked version of the club’s mascot, Jenny the Giraffe.

Of course, there was fan footage of this pre-planned stunt that did the rounds on social media, as recorded by the pitch invader’s cousin.

It was just one of those games.

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