This MLS pitch invader never stood a chance (Video) 6 years ago

This MLS pitch invader never stood a chance (Video)

More and more aspects of European football culture are beginning to infiltrate the United States.

We've seen the cringeworthy chants, the wannabe hooligans and even some half-and-half scarves around MLS stadia this season and now it seems like the pitch invasion phenomenon is now catching on.


During the Eastern Conference semi-final between DC United and the New York Red Bulls, one topless spectator got a bout of Dutch courage and tried to get himself involved in the action.

Unluckily for him, the stewards in America seem to be a lot faster, fitter and more aggressive than those in the Premier League.

He was rugby tackled to his stomach after taking about 10 oddly slow steps onto the RFK Stadium pitch.


You know a pitch invasion is bad when no players actually notice your presence.