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24th Aug 2022

This is how the Premier League would look if teams were ranked on the cost of their pies

Jack Peat

It would be bookended by two newly-promoted clubs

A Premier League table based on the cost of a pie would see two newly-promoted clubs bookend the top and bottom positions.

As part of their Away Days Index campaign, has indexed the cheapest half-time eats, finding Nottingham Forest is home to the cheapest pie in the EPL and Fulham has the most expensive.

Pie prices are also cheerful over at Molineux, with Wolverhampton Wanderers charging supporters as little as £3.10 to tuck into their hot pastries.

The city of Liverpool is a great place to visit for football fans with a passion for pies. Everton has the third cheapest pies in the Premier League at £3.30. Meanwhile, Liverpool ranks fourth, with pies at Anfield costing only slightly more than at Goodison Park – just £3.40.

Four clubs tied for fifth place, with AFC Bournemouth, Brentford, Chelsea and Southampton all agreeing that the price of a pie should be exactly £3.50.

The average price of a pie between all 20 Premier League clubs was worked out to be £3.70, with Brighton & Hove Albion and Fulham charging the most expensive prices – a whopping £4.10 at the Amex Stadium and an eye-watering £4.50 at Craven Cottage.

See below how all 20 Premier League clubs ranked for pie prices.

Premier League table based on the cost of their pies: 

  1. Fulham: £4.50
  2. Brighton & Hove Albion: £4.10
  3. Tottenham Hotspur: £4.00
  4. Manchester City: £4.00
  5. Leicester City: £4.00
  6. Crystal Palace: £4.00
  7. West Ham United: £3.90
  8. Manchester United: £3.90
  9. Arsenal: £3.90
  10. Leeds United: £3.80
  11. Newcastle United: £3.60
  12. Aston Villa: £3.60
  13. Southampton: £3.50
  14. Chelsea: £3.50
  15. Brentford: £3.50
  16. AFC Bournemouth: £3.50
  17. Liverpool: £3.40
  18. Everton: £3.30
  19. Wolverhampton Wanderers: £3.10
  20. Nottingham Forest: £3.00

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