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25th Jun 2017

This bicycle kick from an MLS centre back was an incredible display of athleticism

The MLS is getting better all the time.

Wil Jones

Not many centre backs can do this.

During the summer months – in years where there’s not a World Cup or a Euros – we have to savour whatever football we can get. And while at the moment we do have the U21 European Championship and the Confederations Cup to enjoy, you start to look for leagues that play through the summer. Leagues like Major League Soccer in the US.

The MLS has long been a bit of a punchline amongst European football fans, but it’s been continuously improving. And not just because of the big-name imports – home grown talent has been getting stronger and stronger.

For example here’s Sporting Kanas City’s Ike Opara, a centre back who’s played his whole career for the MLS. During last night’s 2-1 victory, he scored this screamer:

Not bad for a centre back.