WATCH: BBC pundits react to Raheem Sterling's opener against Germany 1 year ago

WATCH: BBC pundits react to Raheem Sterling's opener against Germany

(Most of) The BBC pundits were literally jumping with joy

Oof. Heart rate steadied yet? Breathing slowed down? Nope. Us neither.


In what was arguably the biggest match of Euro 2020 to date, the entire nation was at the edge of their seats during a tense second half between England and Germany.

The contest at Wembley had been a relatively even one, but England finally made a breakthrough through Raheem Sterling with little over 15 minutes still to play.

Most in Wembley exploded into wild celebration, including the majority of those watching on from the BBC's pundit platform.


Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and - the most enthusiastic of the lot - Rio Ferdinand made no attempts to contain their emotions.

In stark contrast, there was also Jurgen Klinsmann, watching on motionlessly, dreams starting to fracture in front of him. Nine minutes later and those dreams were completely obliterated.


Fortunately, the former Tottenham striker is no sore loser. He commented on the incredible performance from Jack Grealish, Harry Kane, and of course, Raheem Sterling after the game, admitting that England were good value for their victory.

Lineker's reaction was priceless, with him jumping almost as high as the headers happening on the pitch. These icons have never been so relatable, or as hilarious to watch.

The Three Lions win, combined with the elimination of Portugal, the Netherlands and France, means the chance of England winning the Euros has taken a significant boost.