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31st Jul 2017

Sunderland have released a statement on Darron Gibson’s tirade

They misspelt his name, which is unfortunate

Darragh Murphy

Disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Darron Gibson.

Sunderland released a short statement on Monday afternoon on the subject of a video that went viral at the weekend.

The secretly filmed footage showed Gibson criticising his teammates for both a lack of quality and pride in the jersey.

The clip, which was recorded hours after the Black Cats suffered a 5-0 preseason defeat to Celtic, showed the former Manchester United and Everton midfielder engaging in a heated exchange on a night out and the club has since responded to the video.

“Darren (sic) Gibson has not conducted himself in a manner befitting Sunderland Football Club.

“As a consequence, we will initiate our internal disciplinary process to deal with the matter.

“Darron has apologised this morning.”

Former Sunderland fan favourite Mickey Gray actually put his backing behind Gibson for his statements as he believed it was high time that the shortcomings of the recently relegated club were brought to the fore.

Over the course of five tweets, Gray explained how he felt the Republic of Ireland international did nothing wrong, particularly given the fact that Gibson believed the conversation was a private one with supporters.