Simone Biles pulls out of Olympic women’s gymnastics team final 3 months ago

Simone Biles pulls out of Olympic women’s gymnastics team final

Biles leaves the Olympics

Simone Biles is undeniably the most successful gymnast in Olympic history. She is constantly the one to beat, but this time, it appears it is not to be.


Biles, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, failed to stick the landing on the vault, of which she is usually a master. She posted the worst score of all six competitors, coming in at 13.766.

Simone reportedly explained to her teammates that she was out of the competition, hugging them and wishing them the best for the night. American commentator Hoda Kotb told NBC: ‘Simone explained to her team-mates that she was out of the competition.’

‘My heart broke for her. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now.

‘I’m not sure if she’s hurt something recently," added retired gymnast MyKayla Skinner.


NBC is reporting that Biles did not withdraw due to an injury as Skinner suggests, but instead due to mental health. In lieu of her leave, Jordan Chiles stepped in to fill the spot and scored 14.166. However, ROC’s Vladislava Urazova scored an impressive 14.866, and Angelina Melnikova scored 14.933.

Team USA was looking to be knocked out until Suni Lee delivered a 15.4 score, which happens to be the highest in Gymnastics in these Olympics.

The response online has been largely positive, with many people wishing Biles the best.


"Simone Biles is still the most amazing athlete ever," writes legendary actress Rosanna Arquette.

"Rooting for Simone Biles’ health and happiness always," wrote journalist Gaby Kirschner

"What a freaking role model @Simone_Biles is. Thank you for the reminder that it's okay to put yourself first," writes another, summing up how most of us feel.
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