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04th Jan 2023

Sergio Aguero reveals that his World Cup celebrations wound Lionel Messi up

Callum Boyle

Sergio Aguero Lionel Messi

Aguero joined the Argentina squad to celebrate the World Cup win

Sergio Aguero has revealed that his World Cup celebrations left Lionel Messi angry after he accused him of ‘drinking too much’.

Aguero joined his former international teammates in the changing rooms at the Lusail Stadium following their penalty shootout victory against France.

The former Manchester City striker, who was capped 101 times by his country has since opened up on the wild night which included a stern telling off from Messi for his drunken behaviour, which included downing champagne from the bottle.

“I drank a lot but I didn’t eat. We were world champions. If something were to happen to me, let it be there,” he told Tyc Sports.

“Leo [Messi] got angry and told me ‘stop’. How [do I] stop? We are world champions, so happy.”

In addition to his telling off, Aguero added that he almost ended up in hospital after lifting Messi onto his shoulders during the celebrations.

Sergio Aguero Lionel Messi

“I lifted the best in the world. I moved my shoulders so that he would jump, but they started to get some stitches in my back.

“At one point I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t even turn around. If I turned around, I would end up in a hospital. He realised it because I looked at him, we exchanged glances.

“I said: ‘All good, you’re world champion, but my back hurts.’ And there he got off. He was on his knees afterwards.”

Argentina’s celebrations continued in Buenos Aires for days after the nation’s triumph and despite being offered the chance to join, Aguero politely turned down the opportunity.

“The boys wanted to take me with them to Argentina,” he said.

“They told me to hurry up because the plane was leaving, saying ‘Come on, come on. Let’s present the passport, everything’.

“I was leaving with the national team and then I remembered that I had my son in the apartment, I couldn’t leave him lying around. I called Benja and told him I was going there. He was so primed that I forgot about everything.”

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