Fresh images of definitely not Saudi-themed Newcastle away shirt emerge 2 months ago

Fresh images of definitely not Saudi-themed Newcastle away shirt emerge

It's just a white and green shirt. Not linked to Saudi in any way. Nope. Nothing to see here.

Newcastle United appear set to launch a brand new away shirt which is *definitely not* inspired by Saudi Arabia in any way whatsoever.


Leaked images claiming to show the Premier League club's away kit for the 2022/23 season were circulated online earlier this month. They showed a white shirt with green trim.

Having noticed the rumoured new away shirt closely resembled those worn by the Saudi Arabian national side, some had the nerve to suggest it was in some way linked to the the state. Obviously, it isn't, and this is merely coincidental.

Fresh images of the shirt, made by Castore, have now appeared online - appearing to confirm this will indeed be next season's away shirt for club, who are also definitely not controlled by the Saudi state.


Newcastle away shirt probably just a tribute to shirt they wore 20-odd years ago and nothing to do with Saudi

As some Newcastle fans have pointed out on Twitter in response to the backlash over the kit, the club have actually turned out in white away shirts with a green trim before. Reports that this is a new thing are simply incorrect.


The strip below was the club's away shirt in the 1999/2000 season, meaning the new offering is almost certainly a tribute to Alan Shearer, Nobby Solano and, err, Didier Domi rather than a nod to Saudi.

See? Looks just like it.

saudi newcastle away shirt

The images of the new shirt show that it is yet to have a sponsor on its front. Whereas the 99/00 kit had Newcastle Brown Ale's logo, reports have claimed the new iteration will carry a sponsor with links to Saudi. Again, probably just a coincidence.


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