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01st Dec 2023

Referee suspended for playing 42 minutes of stoppage time

Callum Boyle

Longest game ever

A referee in Bolivia was once suspended after allowing 42 minutes of stoppage time to be played.

Atletico Palmaflor and Blooming faced each other back in March in the Bolivian Primera Division Match, with Palmaflor claiming a 3-2 win on the night.

Blooming tried their best to comeback and did equalise after being 2-0 down and were given plenty of time to try and find a late winner.

Referee Julio Fernando Gutierrez and his five assistants reportedly took 17 minutes to decided if Gaston Rodriguez Maeso’s 86th minute strike – to make it 2-1 – was offside or not.

Eventually, they decided that the goal should stand and even with other delays throughout the game, both teams were expecting no more than 20 minutes of stoppage time.

Despite that the game continued with Jose Luis Sinisterra equalising for Blooming in the 24th minute of injury time.

Cesar Menacho and Miguel Angel Becerra Vaca were also sent off either side of the goal for Blooming, only adding to the chaotic scenes.

Palmaflor would end up snatching the game right at the death as Caneta scored in the 38th (yes, that long) minute of stoppage time.

Although they felt it was deserved, an investigation is reportedly set to take place to determine why so much stoppage time was added on.

“We are happy for our team’s victory against Blooming, despite the suspicious refereeing,” said Palmaflor chief executive Evo Morales said, as per the Daily Star.

“We are sorry about it and ask for a performance review of all the referees who exaggeratedly prolong matches. We would not like to think that they were looking to make our team lose.”

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