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27th Jan 2023

IFAB set to introduce new penalty rule from next season

Callum Boyle


Current regulations are set to be reviewed in March

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) are set to alter the penalty rules for next season.

Changes may come as the IFAB prepare to meet at their AGM in March, where they are expected to review current regulations and implement any adjustments where they see fit.

One of the big talking points on the agenda is penalties and the gamesmanship from goalkeepers.

Martin Lipton of The Sun claimed that the IFAB believe that goalkeepers should not be able to “unfairly distract” the penalty taker through various tactics.

Several goalkeepers, including Aston Villa and Argentina shot-stopper Emiliano Martínez, are renowned for their distractive methods when trying to put off opposition penalty takers.

In the World Cup final, Martínez’s antics did enough to put off Kingsley Coman after he complained to the referee about the placement of the ball.

However, both FIFA and the IFAB saw his behaviour as a “step too far”. Similar approaches from other goalkeepers such as Australia’s Andrew Redmayne.

Redmayne was the hero when Australia qualified for the 2022 World Cup in their play-off penalty shootout win against Peru.

The 33-year-old was sent on specifically for the penalty shootout and proved to be a success by dancing on the touchline to distract his opponents.

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