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14th Sep 2022

QUIZ: Name all 50 of these 2010s Champions League players

Simon Lloyd

It’s back

It’s another Champions League week, which means it’s time for another of these quizzes. Some of the more devoted FootballJOE quizzers will notice this is exactly the same as our previous 50 Question Quizzes about noughties Champions League players – only you don’t have to be quite as old to get a good score.

It’s all really easy: 50 faces, all belonging to footballers who played in the Champions League at some point in the 2010s. All you need to do is match them to the correct name.

As always, we’ll make it relatively straightforward at the start before throwing some horrible ones your way towards the end.

Oh, and if you want a go at the earlier versions of this quiz, please, please click here.

Let’s begin…

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