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22nd Nov 2018

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Didier Drogba’s career

Wayne Farry


We all love Didier Drogba

Even if Didier Drogba has scored lots of goals against your team – which he probably has – it’s hard not to admire the man for what he has achieved in the game of football. He also, unlike some, has never eaten a raw chicken live on camera.

Having won the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League, as well as having played in a number of World Cups, Drogba has now brought down the curtain on his career.

Now that he has caked time on his playing days, we thought what better way to commemorate the great man than by creating a quiz on his career?

We have done exactly that, meaning all that is required of you is to simply take the quiz and tell us how you got on.