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05th Oct 2022

QUIZ: Name the 2018 World Cup Goalscorers

Simon Lloyd

He should have squared it to Sterling

Ah, Russia 2018. What a time we all had.

In the name of quizzing, let us cast our minds back to the Russian World Cup, skirting round all the negative things – how it might have helped legitimise Vladimir Putin (it’s always the ones you least expect, isn’t it?), Robbie Williams doing the opening ceremony – and focus only on the good stuff from that World Cup: goals.

Here we’ve compiled a list of every man to score a goal at the tournament. There are 110 of them, and we aren’t counting own goals.

quiz 2018 world cup goalscorers

What you have to do is name as many of them as you possibly can in 10 minutes.

If you’ve done one of these quizzes before you’ll know that you only need to enter a player’s surname, which should save you a time. We’ve also been a bit generous with spelling too; you only need the first few letters of some of the trickier names to get the mark.

Anything over 50% is decent going.

Try your best. It’s about showing what you know.

And if it’s not displaying properly, click here.

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