PSG condemn Patrice Evra's 'homophobic slurs' aimed at club 8 months ago

PSG condemn Patrice Evra's 'homophobic slurs' aimed at club

The club condemned Evra's comments

Paris Saint-Germain have condemned Patrice Evra over comments that he made on social media on Sunday.

Speaking from a taxi, the former Manchester United man was purported to say: "Even my cousin who is in the front [of the car] is p***** off. Paris, you are some f****ts, some f****ts, I'm telling you. We [United] put our D team [against PSG] and we did you.

"Some kids played, they used to clean my boots. They don't even have sperm [yet]. Paris, you are some p*****s."

It is the second time since Manchester United's elimination of PSG in the Champions League earlier this month that Evra has taken to social media to criticise the Ligue 1 club.

The club, which was reportedly disappointed with Evra's initial comments, released a statement on Tuesday to convey their disappointment with the use of anti-gay language in the post.

"Paris Saint-Germain firmly condemns the homophobic slurs uttered by Patrice Evra against the club, its representatives and its former player (Jerome Rothen)," they said.

"The words have shocked the heart of this club, which is attached to values of respect and being open with one another."