Patrice Evra issues apology after making Joleon Lescott joke 2 months ago

Patrice Evra issues apology after making Joleon Lescott joke

Evra apologised for the joke

Patrice Evra has issued an apology after a joke was made in poor taste on his new series 'Pat TV'. In the online series, Evra pretends to commentate on the Euros while imitating players and supporters.


The following day, Evra posted an apology on Twitter.

"I have to apologise to Joleon Lescott and his family, the joke was never meant to cause hurt it was only meant as light hearted banter, had I known then what I know now, I would have never of (sic) said this. Jo I hope you can accept my apology.”

Despite his apology, Evra has yet to delete the video.


When he was five, Lescott was involved in a car accident that resulted in the scar on his head. In 2006, Lescott talked about his scarring with The Independent: “I have a scar but I have nothing to worry about. I had a major operation straight away and several more over the next few months but I was young and didn’t really know too much about what was going on.

“I know there was a time when my mum and dad didn’t think it would turn out as good as it has done, put it that way, but thankfully the doctors worked their magic.”